Jarrett the Electrician or Why I’m So Electrifying!

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Much of my silliness comes from my parents. I’m pretty sure I got my love for words from my dad (with words like caddywhompust (sp?) and rumpuckaroo, he also correctly used the word ‘pariah’ the other day – very impressive). I asked my parents to write a guest post about me when I was growing up. I think you’ll like what they came up with. This is, however, on my blog; so…

TBI is…Toils of Boyhood Inexperience

All of you reading this blog may think that Jarrett’s a pretty good writer, a good son, and a good father, among other things.  Well, I’m here to tell you about Jarrett the Electrician.

One time a long time ago when Jarrett was about 2 years old he decided to explore his career options.  First, he tried deep sea diving…accidentally…when he ventured into unknown waters at Grand Lake.  He was determined to get in that water.  Off he went without heeding his mothers orders to put on a floatation device.  About 30 feet from dry land, along a seemingly safe beach type area, Jarrett disappeared into the water.  He stepped off of a ledge and went straight down, feet first.  What I saw next was a blurry flash running into the water that turned out to be his mother.  I’ve never seen that woman, or any other woman, move that fast.  She got to the spot where Jarrett went under, reached into the water and pulled him out by one arm.  Jarrett didn’t say it, but he beamed strong signals that deep sea diving was not for him.

So, what could he do that didn’t involve water?  Hmmmm.  Hey, what’s that on the ground?  It’s a paperclip!  But, what can you do with a paperclip?  Let’s see, one could clip papers together…how boring.  Or, take it to mom or dad…no, there are too many possibilities here, maybe later.  But, mom and dad found out without seeing the paperclip.  First, there was a popping sound, then the lights dimmed, then a little boy screeched.  Jarrett had discovered electricity!  It can come right out of the walls through these little holes and a paperclip fits very nicely into those holes.  Problem is, though, that it burns little fingers when it comes out that way.  That scared the crap out of him, and mom and dad, too.  Jarrett chose not to be an electrician.  Jarrett chose wisely.

Here’s a picture of my loving parents, combine their mugs and it’ll look just like me!


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