Terd 9/13 – “Grammurder”

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Grammurder (Grammar+Murder): Writing w/grammar so bad that the writer symbolically kills the written page.

Grammurder eg

Gal: *Opens letter from publisher*

Dear Madam, you are not a writer, you are a grammurderer. Consider this your rap sheet for crimes against punctuation, spelling, and usage –

11 counts – there/they’re/their confusion

9 counts – its/it’s misuse

2 counts – loose/lose confusion

15 counts – ending a sentence  with a preposition

Misspellings – I stopped counting at 67. My favorite –

“Are you ready for the big game?” he asked. 

“OH YEAH!” shouted Myrna a little too enthusiastically.

 “Are you excited for the oven mitt give way before the game starts?” asked Ignatius, bracing himself for another overzealous response.

“SUPPER EXITED!” she squealed.


Did her dinner leave or something?

As you would say, “theirs” no one hope for you.

May God have mercy on your soul,

Larry Pulliam


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      1. Nothing like a good word!

        I wrote this post a while ago for an award and I’m just going to paste my answer to one the questions (won’t make you read the whole thing) as I wrote it and remembered our first comment exchange.
        Thought you might be amused..

        2. What general term do you feel is overrated?

        Can it be a word?  Musings!  It’s Musings!  It’s just getting to me. I mean, I use it, it’s in one of my menu posts somewhere and some blogs I love use it often but….it’s really grating on my nerves! It reminds me of an old professor in a smoking jacket with a pipe and monocle in a dusty library going, “I’m just myoooooosing the preponderance of unprepossessing philosophy professors such as myself…” uurhhhh!! I may be overreacting. But it’s bugging me no end.


      2. Makes me think of a college aged hipster hack (how bout collaged hackster?) who thinks everyone needs to be up in arms that the local coffee shop stopped serving fair-trade Nicaraguan or rants (there’s another one…rant) about how his e-mail takes “literally all-day” to download since the last iOS update. I have some new insight on “literally” – I’ll be putting out “This Blog is Literally Epic” v2.0 in a few weeks.

      3. Ha, yes to all of those things. Collaged hackster. Nice.
        Click, click your words went in my head when I read them. Fair -trade Nicaraguan. ..exactly!
        Yes rant! God,all these words that used to be so appropriate and biting are now so uuuurrrgghhh!
        I love literally. Not the bastardised, millenialised use of it but it’s actual proper use. I love it when I can say that I mean something literally and figuratively. It’s very satisfying.
        How about ‘random ‘ and ‘randomness’?
        I loved that word in around 1999. Then what happened?
        Well I’m literally looking forward to your random epic rant.
        Uuuurrrgghhh ! Skin crawling!!!

      4. “Well I’m literally looking forward to your random epic rant” – Superwifeandmummy 2017.9.15. That date will live in infamy as the day you loosed the beast upon the world by placing so many terrible, terrible words so close together. When you wrote that was there an earth trembling roll of thunder and blinding flash of lightning? Did a nearby child’s head do a 360 on the neck while the child spouted Latin in James Earl Jones’s voice? I think I’ll do an expose about the vernaculary (?) horror that is “random”. May God have mercy on your soul!
        Ok, that might’ve been a little overboard, but I seriously (“literally”) vomited a little when I read that.

      5. Now that I reread my last reply, I’m thinking that “seriously” is “literally lite” – it’s not as obnoxious, but all the same, that word is heretofore expelled from my vocabulary forthwith! Not sure if both (“heretofore” and “forthwith” both work there, but…)

      6. Excellent.
        It kind of hurt to write it .
        It’s my Gift to you, my new blogging acquaintance. For you and all the goosebumps on your skin that crawled about when they heard it through your brain.
        You’re welcome

      7. Inspiration works in mysterious ways…thank you for the gift of inspirational frustration (inspistrational?). I do so enjoy our exchanges, blog buddy (bluddy?)

      8. And a bloody good bluddy you are too!
        Oh excellent. Love your lexicational wordations.

      9. Not at all! It’s more in the realm of ‘damn’ for you guys. I’m mean it’s not ideal if a kid says it but it’s not the end of the bloody world. Bahahaha!

      10. Ok, good to know, my daughter has been wanting to cuss for some reason. Since Americans don’t really know that word I’ll mention it as acceptable

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