Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel. Feel My Heat

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You know what they say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get an after market heatsink/fan.”

This old adage influenced me to order a new cooler for my CPU. However, there’s a footnote to this sage advice that I uncovered after purchasing the cooler.

The entire thing reads thusly – “If you can’t stand the heat, get an after market heatsink/fan.*

Make believe this explanation is much lower in order to get the genuine “footnote feel.”

*Be sure that the heatsink/fan will use the current fan mounts on your motherboard. If you don’t do your homework and find that the new heatsink/fan requires an adapter, take care that you have an opening in your case that allows you to install the backplate.

Gosh, that’s a long footnote. Overly verbose story short, I bought this fan and these the materials  to remove the nail polish from my…err…old thermal compound from the CPU and current HSF –

...goes to the nail salon
…goes to the nail salon

To put into this computer –

"I'm no longer cutting the mustard"
“I’m no longer cutting the mustard”

The dog looks on with great anticipation –

"It is a little warm in here"
“It is a little warm in here”

Because the CPU is getting too hot, not because of my dog, because of the stock heatsink/fan. I was monitoring the hardware and saw that the CPU cores we reaching 50° C, or for us silly Americans, that’s 500°F (to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit you multiply by 10 right?).

If memory serves, 500° is the temperature of the surface of the sun . Naturally, an aftermarket HSF (nerd abbreviation for heatsink/fan) is necessary so I won’t burn a hole through the earth.

Does it require a universal adapter for the backplate? Yes (dammit!)

Do I have a space cut out to easily reach the backplate without having to take out the motherboard? Yes. A few years ago I drilled out holes for the motherboard backplate and cable management, see –

Notice the expertly placed electrical tape
Notice the expertly placed electrical tape

Is the hole better for an AMD motherboard or Intel? Intel (dammit!) At the time the holes were put in, I had an Intel chip, now I roll with AMD.

I can’t get the current backplate off to put the new one on unless I take the motherboard out. That’s a big pain in the ass.

UPDATE! Turns out that 50°C isn’t that bad. AMD says my processor is fine up until 62°C. I’m not sure how this is true, considering that 50°C is the temperature of the surface of the sun.

That would make 62°C about the temperature of a cup of coffee from McDonald’s (good thing it won’t be in my lap).

In essence, I read the Temperature Breakdown Incorrectly (TBI is…)


BTW, I know that Fahrenheit is not 10x Celsius. The actual conversion is boring.




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