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ITEM! I passed the first exam for A+ certification (aka 220-801). This coming Tuesday, I’ll take the second part (220-802).

Having passed one of the two tests, I’ve half the certification. In essence, I’m A+ certifi…. I have half a certificate that says “This certifi…. [new line] Jarrett… [new line] has successfully completed… [new line] and is entitled to all…[new line] Signed, the 18th of…[new line] Jebidiah…[end of document half].”

I get the rest of the certificate when I pass the next test (and I get to know Jebidiah’s last name! My guess is “Ria” – get it Jebi-diarrhea? Comment with your guesses).

In addition to uncovering Jebidiah’s last name and the other half of the certificate (the “cation” if you will), you also get a BFF that always hangs around to compliment your outfits and finish your sentences (similar to a friend that has the other half of a BFF heart pendant necklace.)

The content of the next test concerns…

Oh yeah, I don’t have a BFF to finish my sentences yet.


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