I Still Love Technology, but Not as much Cleaning, You See; Always and Forever

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I’m going to be pretty busy tomorrow, so I’m counting this as my Tuesday blog. I might still post something tomorrow, BUT I PROMISE NOTHING!


TBI is…Tidy up Break from my Investigation. I’m almost ashamed to admit this. I’ve been studying (“investigating”) for the A+ certification exam for the past few days. What is A+? It’s a certification that says that I am qualified for handling/troubleshooting the common technology of today. Easy enough for a guy like me, right? Actually, no…there are plenty of questions about not so modern technology and details about modern technology that would bumfuzzle even the nerdiest of nerds.


First off, there are questions that I do know, such as, “What is your name?” I should get that one correct.


There will also be questions like, “A client just got a computer with an AGP slot and would like to know what it’s for, what will you tell the client?” I can’t write in an answer, but I’d put something like this if I could – “I’d go back in time and tell this person not to buy the computer because AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) is outdated. I’d then advise this person to buy a computer with a PCI express x16 slot.” The answer to this question is something like, “It’s an expansion slot for video cards.”


The real difficulty comes in when they ask a question like, “Your computer needs RAM with 240 pins, what kind will you get?” I know what you’re saying, “It’s DDR3, you dunce!”…


Seriously, look at all the notes I’ve taken –

Most of these are front and back with another notecard stapled to the back. I should note also that THERE ARE TWO FRIGGIN TESTS! The notes you see here are only for the first test.

I’m getting off track here, the point is that I’ll be studying pin counts and sockets and whatnot for a few hours and think I could use a study break.


Then I start thinking about all the wonderful things I can do for a break – play video games, watch tv, read a magazine.


For whatever reason, none of those sound as appealing as *cue dramatic voice* CLEANING!


What’s worse is I’ll get so into cleaning, the cleaning and the studying switch roles – I’ll clean for a few hours, then think I better take a study break



  1. So strange Jarrett, I have the cleaning bug. I was so excited to buy the latest cordless dyson….amazing piece of kit. Also purchased a new steam mop and am so happy it’s sadšŸ˜.

  2. This thing just plugs in then when charged, you’re off. The bestest cleaning thingy is the steam mop.
    Congrat o yo ha certif. well done Son !

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