I had the dubious pleasure of watching The Hobbit last weekend and had to share my ennui. You see, the book itself is one of the most imaginative tales ever told – making it into a movie should’ve been a no brainer. Don’t be afeard, I’m still gonna post about brain stuff tomorrow, this just had to be said. Sociologizing everything like I do, I found the coexistence of so many different peoples and the unique customs of each group to be captivating enough for me to really enjoy the book. I didn’t have to read about 13 dwarves, a wizard and a Hobbit slaying LEGIONS of goblins with hardly a scratch.I got all the action I could’ve asked for when they FOUGHT A DRAGON. Also, there was lots of action during the

battle of the five armies, I can only imagine the orgy of CG and outlandishness PJ has planned for that.

Will I watch the second one? Yes, but I certainly won’t be in a hurry. My main reason for watching it will be to see how badly PJ butchers it, notably the spoiler mentioned above.

I should mention that I’ve read the book several times, read the entire LOTR series and worship the books and the movies. Have read the Silmarilion and Children of Hurin a few times each – two of my favorite reads of all time. I feel qualified to assert that Tolkien’s stories don’t need gratuitous action to be awesome.