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It’s nearly the fourth anniversary to the day of when I went to the ER and a CT scan found a cavern in my mind. The very odd thing is that this past Friday – the very DAY I went to the ER (for the record: Day- Friday, date- May 22nd, year- that foul year of our Lord, 2009), I started experiencing double vision – not an initial bleed symptom for me, but has been for many (EXAMPLE). It was only a few weeks after the bleed and for a month or so onward that I saw two of everything.

All the more perplexing is the fact that I feel no other symptoms. I have an electrical feeling in my head every once in awhile – seems to me that if it were a bleed, it’d be non-stop pain that only gets worse.

I want to think it’s nothing, but what else could it be?

Expecting the worst, I’ve tried to spend as much time as I can with my daughter. I lost enough time with her the first…uhh, time. I got her the Skylanders: Giants starter pack for the Wii. We played that for most of the day yesterday – should’ve been playing it on Saturday, but the neurosurgeon on call at UTSW suggested I rest for the…uhh, rest of the day. I just can’t bear the thought of missing anymore time with her (that’s right, she’s a girl that LOVES Skylanders).

It turns out that my double vision might be the result of medication changes. Even if that’s the case, I’m taking this as a kick in the rear to love on my kid every chance I get, and to lighten up on myself. The silly stuff I write about with Taskmaster Jarrett can be funny, but it’s exhausting being so concerned about every single second. With that I offer this –

TBI is…Take a Breather before getting Inundated – Eventually, being productive became less about the quality of work I was producing and more about if I had started the task efficiently or if I had gotten enough done (quantity). It was only recently that I realized that I was more concerned about the number of things getting done and how fast, rather than taking a minute to make sure that I was happy with what I was doing.

That’s all for this week, I’ll make more jokes next week, promise.




  1. Love your post ! Hope your double vision is better tomorrow ….otherwise, we are heading to the ER!! Love you , jarrett! Stay positive and give q a hug for me!

  2. Excellent blog! You are exactly right, time is precious and you can’t go back. Live in the moment! Hang in there! Everything will be ok!!

  3. I too get those “electrical” sensations from time to time, and I’ve noticed it usually occurs when I haven’t had enough sleep or I miss a dose of meds. It will be 8 years on the 7th of June when I had my ccm removed, and I still deal with issues popping back up, eventhough it’s been removed, and all of my MRIs since have been “normal” (besides the gaping 3 cm crater left in it!!). Good luck, and I love your blog!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Melanie!
      Will you provide more details? Location of CA, symptoms, surgeon, meds, etc.?If you don’t want to broadcast this info., my e-mail is I’m especially interested in the “issues popping back up.”

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