My Words Shall Now Be Pressed!

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After much deliberation, I’ve decided to move my blog to WordPress. You see, dear readers, blogger/blogspot just wasn’t pressing my words enough; ergo, I migrated to WordPress.

There is much to speak about. However, you won’t hear me if I speak, so I’ll write instead.

First of all, my bloody (isn’t ‘bloody’ the equivalent of the f bomb in the UK?) hot water heater (aside: why do we call it a ‘hot water heater’? Doesn’t that name suggest that the water is hot before it goes in?)

ITEM! Being new to WordPress, I haven’t figured out how to save an entry rather than publish it. Ergo, the above pressed words became available on Sunday, May 5th – as usual, I’ll tweet this entry on Tuesday, but early birds got a sneak peek (speek?).

Back to my bloody hot water heater – it decided to share hot water with all the carpeting in my daughter’s room and half of the carpeting in my room. Aside from the obvious inconvenience of everything being wet, Taskmaster Jarrett wouldn’t shutup about how “egregious” this “unsanctioned activity” was. Listen, I can’t get less than seven hours of sleep – I might as well not sleep at all. The reason sleep was so important this night was because I was signed up for the OWFI writer’s conference in Norman for the weekend. OWFI stands for “Omniscient Wombats Fly Imaginatively”. It seems redundant to say that an omniscient being would do something imaginatively.

I jest. It actually stands for “Owners of Wotten Fwoot Institutions” – it was started by a group of four year olds, hence the pronunciation.

Ok ok. The true meaning is “Oxymoronic…” sorry, “Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc.” For our purposes, it’s an organization that puts on a convention for all things writing. I met with a publisher and he liked my stuff. I really hope something comes off that meeting. I also met a few other aspiring writers – Lolly Anderson (link) and the very eloquent A.J. Adwen (link). I also attended a workshop with August McLaughlin (link).

Anyway, the trip turned out to be pretty awesome.

Now for some serial (mmm…serial).

TBI is…Terrain Bearings are Invaluable. I tweeted this one yesterday, but I’d like to give a more detailed explanation. Here is the original description – Walking after TBI is risky enough. Knowledge of terrain, ie potholes, rocks, etc, is advisable. A few weekends ago, I went to “Germanfest” with some dear friends. I put Germanfest in quotes because about the only thing German about it was the name. There were the token German sausages, but the beer selection was quite paltry. The only German beer on tap at “Germanfest” was from Spaten. I was hoping to get my hands on a dark, dark lager that I’d have to chew on to get down – not Germany’s equivalent of Budweiser. Perhaps there was more on offer, This Brings us to the Initial (another TBI, how clever of me) explanation. You see, I was reluctant to trek all about the “Germanfest” (I’m getting tired of calling it that, it’s a sham, a contrived excuse to drink alcohol during the day. That’s it! I’ll rename it SCEDADfest). Anyway, I didn’t think it was a good idea to explore SCEDADfest with its uneven, rocky terrain and drunk people passed out here and there. My point here is that it’s always a good idea to not get a TBI. However, if you get/have one and you have balance and fatigue issues, plan ahead (cane, folding chair, magic wand with a levitating spell, etc.).




  1. Ha! I’m eloquent! That made me giggle, because I think I’m anything but. I do appreciate the complement, though!

    Your blogs are a perfect balance of humor and fact. I LOLed more than once this go-around. 🙂

    Definitely a future author! So start writing that book 🙂 TBI is talented boy intelligence. Yep.

    1. I found you to be very put together and well spoken, perhaps “formal” is a better word :). I was gonna steal that TBI is…, but I think it would come across as cocky if I applied it to myself. Thanks for reading!

      1. Well thank you 🙂 the first agent said I was too “formal”, but it’s just how I am. Ah well!

        You can use it! Just say someone else made it up. Haha!

  2. I’m happy to hear you have connected with a publisher. I hope something comes of it

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