Medication Harmonization

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With my condition, I’ve had to fight off a lot of ills.
Life is easier when you are given the right medicine,
I’ve had IVs and injections, but mostly pills.
Below is a list of some of the drugs I’ve taken.
I’m sure I’ve left more than a few off this tabulation,
The last four years I have played a kind of medication roulette.
The medications mentioned are from top of the head improvisation.
So as not to show bias, the meds are in order by alphabet –
To reduce spasticity I take Baclofen
Clonazapam  turned me into a zombie
When my poo got too hard, I took Coalase to soften
I took decadron to make my brain less swelly
A painkiller called Dilaudid filled me with glee
Fioricet rushed my headaches away
Thanks to Flomax, I filled the toilet with pee
Gabapentin didn’t keep the tremors at bay
Hydrocodone provided quick and easy pain relief
no more pain with morphine
Nuvigil keeps me awake and on task
Provigil worked ok until Nuvigil hit the scene
Ranitidine – you probably know it as Zantac
Calm the tremors with Requip
A spasticity med that didn’t work is called Tizanidine
Viibryd = no more frowny lip
With Zoloft, the sun always shines and the grass is ever green
I can’t make everything rhyme on this,
specifically, I speak of TBI is…
Throat is Bumfuzzled about Ingestion – It is not uncommon for TBI and stroke sufferers to develop dysphagia – Siberian for “confounded neck-hole”. I still have difficulty swallowing liquids without some getting into my windpipe.


  1. Creative!

    You’re a better poet than me. =D

    That’s a loooooot of medication. =O

    1. Anyone can be a great poet if you aren’t afraid to get on About a year ago, I made a list of meds off the top of my head – total was 28 at the time (if I recall correctly). One of my current meds must cause me to forget the names of meds I’ve taken.

      1. Goodness! I think the most medication I’ve ever taken at once is a variety of three! You’re one tough cookie.

  2. Hello Jarrett,

    What a story and journey. You inspire me and though I am super busy working, long commuting and building my HBB (home based biz), your blog is fascinating & I want to learn to write a blog. Our thoughts and blessings are with you on this crazy deck you were dealt!! My step daughter had a stroke while doing track at 11 yrs old, diagnosed w/ AVM, treated and had Grand Mal Seizures. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, and is a healthy divorced mother of 2 boys, and is 32 yr old. I am sharing your blog with her. Great recovery sir, awesome sense of humor and style. All the best.

    1. Hello, Adam,
      I’m so sorry that I didn’t get right back to you – this is what I get for allowing my email inbox to get bloated with junk. I would be happy to help you set up a blog – this blog started on Blogspot, I moved it to WordPress a few years ago, so I am familiar with both platforms. AVM, huh? The equally heinous cousin malformation of the evil CCM. I have a friend with a deep midbrain AVM, her lot is no bueno. Hers is inoperable, being so deep down. She has had to have several shunts put in and she has undergone the Gamma knife. Still, that thing constantly oozes. Does your stepdaughter have any lingering deficits? Seizure still a factor? I can say that I have a pretty rough, but that is one symptom that I’m glad I don’t have to mess with. That is certainly one of the lucky stars that I count when I am throwing myself a pity party. Again, please forgive me for not replying sooner. I hope to hear back from you soon.

  3. Hello Jarrett,

    Awesome blog, what a journey you have had. I am inspired as I would like to write a personal blog when time permits- it never does (any thoughts on getting 1 more hour added to a day) :).I sent another reply about my stepdaughter and AVM at 11 yrs old, she is now 32,, did it get sent? Keep up the good fight…

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