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With this entry, it can no longer be said that I only write about myself. With the exception of the “TBI is…” portion at the end, this entry will be about my five year old daughter, Quinn. For over three years now, I’ve been keeping track of her more interesting (often profound) observations. I even attempted to start a blog with them; in the end I decided to keep them on Facebook for the entertainment of family and friends, and to show off my little one’s emerging intellect.

I’ve given a bit of explanation as to the context of the remark and my guess as to how it was conceived. Here we go –

Q was born on October 25th, 2007, which was a Tuesday or Wednesday (or a Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday; one of the days that ends with ‘day’). This probably sounds uncaring, allow me to explain – Jessica, Q’s mother, was induced the day before whatever day the 25th was. Q wasn’t quite ready to emerge, if she could talk at the time and we were able to understand her through Jessica’s abdomen, she would have said “Awww ma! Just 18 more hours?”
We involuntarily agreed to the “request” that she didn’t make that we wouldn’t have been able to hear. The day we arrived stretched into the day after we arrived, (now I remember what day it was – DAtDwAday: Day After the Day we Arrived day!)

At 4:30 AM on DAtDwAday – 25 October, 2007 – Quinn arrived. She has since grown into a delightfully witty youngling – the perfect balance of her mother’s keen eye for observation and her father’s clever social commentary. I toyed with the idea of calling these comments keeyobversocoms – but that’s not very catchy, so I went with “Quinnisms”. Such as:

Quinnism #39 –
She wishes she had a wishing star to make wishes
Q: “I wish I had a wishing star so I could make more wishes!”
A wishing star appears after a sparkly, bright flash.
Wishing Star: “BEHOLD! The Wishing Star is come to grant you the deepest desire in your heart of hearts. What would you ask of the Wishing Star?”
Q (nose scrunched, deep in thought): “Hmm…I wish I had a wishing star so I could make more wishes!”
The wishing star disappeared and another appeared in its place.
Next Wishing Star:”BEHOLD! The Wishing Star is come to grant you the deepest desire in your heart of hearts. What would you ask of the Wishing Star?”
and so on…

Equally fascinating is the nonsense that comes out of her mouth, for instance –
Quinnism #18 –
I can’t really preface this one, so here it is –
Me: “L E T S G O! Let’s go, let’s go!”
Q: “G O S C Y (inaudible) 11 12 telemetry (I guess) blast off!”

One of the best parts of being a parent is watching your child grow and apply what he or she has learned. This can be seen when he or she helps you count out push pins to hang up some artwork brought home from daycare, or simply singing the ABC song in the car on the way to grandma’s house.
Sometimes, all that new knowledge causes an overload resulting in an explosion of information coming at you in no particular order (“information explosion”? BORING! This phenomenon will hereafter be referred as an “informosion”).

The informosion above occurred as we were about to leave her daycare. I spouted a cheer to be loud (Q and I will often have contests to see who can be the loudest). The spelling, the high volume, the day’s lessons and the musical nature of the cheer came together and “informoded” in her mind, causing her to utter an incomprehensible mish-mash of everything on her mind.

If this isn’t undeniable proof that my daughter is uber precious – you need to have your precious gland inspected. Before moving on, I’d like to mention something about Q that I find truly amazing. Q was 1.5 years old when my hemorrhage occurred – as such, she knew “The Jarrett That Was” for 18 months. Applying my mighty math powers like so much Team Umizoomi – she’s had more exposure to “The Jarrett That Is”. Yet, she continues to exhibit more behaviors and talk more like TJTW than I thought possible; just the other day she did the Robot to an alarm – classic TJTW. Gosh, I love that kid.

TBI is…Take Back that Instance. I’ve been told that I was born with my cavernoma – but something made it bleed. I don’t know what caused it or exactly when it happened, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing that I could go back to that moment and do something differently. Seems to me this would be a thought that all who suffer a major illness have at one time or another. Then I start to think of things as they might have been. I take comfort in the fact that my daughter is turning out to be quite a good kid.  
You might have noticed that there weren’t no video last week *picks nose* – I was told by by the YouTube President, Jebidiah O. YouTube, that my video was just too awesome to post; that it would destroy not only YouTube, but the entire internet. Rest assured that the image posted of my dictation session with Dragon is legit.

You might be curious as to what “The Jarrett That Was” looked like. Unfortunately, I really don’t have any pictures of me in digital form from the time right before my bleed. However, with the magic of Facebook and screen capture I can and will show you “The Jarrett That Was” a long, long time ago. I believe that I still make that face (pure mirth and ecstasy) when I eat a banana. Also, lots of people tell me Quinn looks a lot like me when I was younger, what do you think?



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