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At the end of my last blog I advised you to take baclofen “Intrathecally”; I’m not even sure if that is a word. Intrathecal is a word, it comes from the Mandarin word entrail (that is where we get that word, another word for “guts”), and the Greek word Calli (“Dog.” This is where we get the name for the collie breed of dogs). In essence, Intrathecal translates to “dog guts.”

This term raises several questions –
1. How can a word be derived from two different languages?
2. “Dog guts” is not a very accurate description of what intrathecal entails (entrails?).
But, I’m no physician, they have to protect their craft – so odd names are part of their profession.
Now that you know what intrathecal means, I will get to the guts (dog guts?) of this entry –
I am part machine (read more HERE
and HERE), my abdomen is home to an intrathecal baclofen pump; here’s a pic –

This magic hockey puck is attached to a catheter (Latin for “magic hose”) that leads to my spine (Phoenician for…uh, “spine”). The magic hockey puck is filled with baclofen (Canadian for “magic juice, eh?”). Actually, baclofen is a muscle relaxer – I took it orally, but it just made me more tireder. It sends the magic juice, eh? through the magic hose directly to my spine. In the rare case that I’m quiet and all is quiet around me, it can be heard ticking. It’s not obnoxious or annoying, just a reminder that I have an implant, which is still pretty weird.

ITEM! I’ve decided to change the name of the “Fun with TBI” serial (mmm…serial) to “TBI is…” (mmm…TB, oh wait…). For many, there is nothing fun about a TBI, these are my people now, I don’t wanna upset them.

TBI is…This Blasted Inability. I know that I’ve mentioned in several previous entries that I choose to focus on the things that I can and do do (heh, poop), but that doesn’t stop the “I used to be able to do that…” from popping in like so much telemarketing phone calls when you’re eating. That thought almost always hits me when I see a dad rough-housing with his kid.
I don’t want to end this entry on a sad note, so I’ll post a pic of my dog –

Now you can walk away from this blog feeling warm and happy. You’re welcome.



OH YEAH! If you go back to December 10, 2012 on this blog, you will find an entry called “Fun with Dragon.” You might notice that this entry is very short – truth is, I never got around to finishing that entry. But that’s okay, it are done now. Simply move the cursor on your computer screen to THESE WORDS and click, and prepare for lots of fun with Dragon….correction, the video did not successfully upload. As soon as it does, I will provide a link. Until then, I’ve provided the output of the dictation directly below and you can compare that to my blog entry on February 25 find that HERE


  1. For what it's worth, the "usetacoulds" are the absolute WORST. I don't have nearly the challenges that you do, but I still manage to torture myself remembering things like sitting on a couch, being able to hang out in a restaurant booth without fidgeting, shaking the hair out of my face without sending searing pain down my left leg, sleeping through the night, etc. It's a tough thing to battle, but I think that leads to discouragement more than anything else. Keep thinking upwards. (Although I do make a bunch of promises never to take those things for granted again if I ever get them back…)

  2. I remember early on, one of my goals was to stand up to put my pants on. I still sit down, I'm no longer concerned with that. I say that bc there are things that I just kinda say "oh well," but like you say, it's hard to keep some of those out of your mind. I often think what I'd do if I woke up one day and everything was back to normal – probably end up maiming myself trying to do EVERYTHING all at once.

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