It’s Good to be Alive

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Wonderful MeHappEaster, interwebs! Or happy Easter if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. I come to you today because my heart has been stirred. I frequently listen to NPR via the NPR One app. A featured story today was that of widowed parents of young children. Rather, the widows did the talking, but the subject was more centered on how the children will turn out and how to best remember the child’s father (listen to it HERE).

This topic really resonates with me. You see, I nearly died (more details HERE). I’m not fond of saying that. It’s too dramatic and it smacks of hyperbole.

Still, I suppose I’ve come closer to meeting the reaper than most. At the time, I had a two year old daughter at home. By the expert skill of Dr. Jonathan White and the loving support of my now ex wife Jessica and my parents, I persist in respirating, masticating, cogitating, pontificating, etceterating, and most importantly, continue participating in the upbringating of my daughter(ating…).

It is altogether fitting and proper (thank you, Mr. Lincoln) that I would choose this day to blog on this topic. On more than one occasion (such as HERE and HERE) I’ve asserted the notion that, in a figurative way, Jarrett Wilson died from a brain hemorrhage in May of 2009. He was given new life in September of that same confounded year. The resurrection thing is the only similarity between me and Jesus; I have trouble enough walking on land, I can only change water into Crystal Light or coffee and my dad, as cool as he is, is not God.

I think I’m digressing here. What I’d like to relate to you, dear reader, is that I’m glad to be alive. I think I’ve said that before and I try to give the impression that I’m grateful, but sometimes, it just needs to be declared.

To be sure, being alive is hard sometimes. On the other hand, life is beautiful – there are beautiful people everywhere, the way they comb their hair, it makes me want to say… it’s a beautiful world… it’s a beautiful world…

That said, there are a lot of things that suck, another way to say it would be there are a lot of things that suck because of stuff I did. I let these things occupy too much CRAM (read more HERE). For today at least, I’m going to revel in the singularity of each moment. A singularity in that each moment is a culmination of a heartbeat, a breath of sweet, sweet air, some thought to move us about the day and being with good people. 🍻




    1. Yes! That is the best way to look it. Every challenge is a blessing. It’s the challenges in life that make us stronger!

      1. It sure feels like somebody is pulling pulling the strings (for better or for worse). Either way, I’m compelled to see each challenge as an opportunity to be awesome.

      2. Nevermind the effect they have on us, challenges just make life more interesting. For instance, changing the battery in a smoke detector = BORING. Throw in very skewed sense of balance and a near useless arm = interesting opportunity

  1. Awesome job on the write up. Living and dying are serious things. As a police officer, I’ve seen some of the most horrific ways of dying. I’ve also seen people who came out the other side totally transformed by the experience. Thanks for the post.

    1. I appreciate your comment and service. Sounds like you’ve seen some pretty rough stuff, and so are joining me in the refrain that life is perdy good. A thought just occurred, do ossifers of the law see the world as one big middle school? Having worked at a MS for a number of year, I often feel like I’m a 5.0 (that still a slang for the fuzz?) trying to keep the streets (i.e. school halls) safe for the common student.

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