Twas the Night Before Surgery

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I’m just going to jump right in; I want to continue down memory lane, but I also need to write about recent happenings. Ergo, this week’s TBI is… is about said happenings –

To the Big Institution and recall from last week -Tiny Bleed Interruption. You see, my neurosurgeon, pictured here with a very, very handsome dude,

His hands have been on my mind (literally)
His hands have been on my mind (literally)

Informed me that my recent MRI scans show a “small change in the signal.” Not sure what that means, but for our purposes it translates to a small hemorrhage. Fortunately, my only symptom so far has been vision vision (get it? I wrote it twice to represent double vision). The vision vision should clear up on its own, might take a while though. Until then, I’m rocking the eye patch like so much pirate –

ARGHH! Me gun is ever loaded!
ARGHH! Me gun is ever loaded!

Speaking of pirate, here’s the rest of the blog (it actually has nothing to do with pirates, I just needed a segue)…

This next entry was posted the night before surgery –

Tomorroweth iseth the Bigeth Dayeth (September 2, 2009)

Today being the eve of my official uncapping, I went through all the tests today. First, they made us wait for a long time; don’t know what that was testing. Then, they sucked out a bunch of my blood to test my pass out reflex…somehow, I stayed awake. Then, they asked me my name, birthdate and doctor’s name over and over to test my patience.

All the professionals there seem very apt and knowledgeable. They speak as if they do this every day (which, I suppose, they do) and its common procedure. This made me feel much better about the whole ordeal; I didn’t have to run off screaming (although, I can’t run, so I wouldn’t have gotten very far).

I have to report at 5:30, so it being 7:30pm, it’s way past my bedtime. G’night, all.

I feel a poem coming on.

Twas the night before brain surgery, I stayed at the Holiday Inn.

I went to bed early, At 5:30 the operation would begin.

The cavernoma hung in my brainstem with a scare, knowing that it would soon be out of there.

So I nestled all snug in my bed, happy yet scared for my precious head.

Despite my fear, I slept pretty well;

The hospital staff seemed confident, this I could tell.

There are four more lines, in the original work;

I can’t think of anything else, it just won’t…work.

Yeah yeah, I used the same word at the end, lay offa me – the rest turned out to be pretty clever.

I was gonna write more, but the poem, clever as it was (if I do say so myself), turned out to sum up the eve of my surgery pretty well. Of course, if you would like more details, feel free to ask.




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