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As I mentioned in my last post, I have brain surgery on Sept. 3rd.

I am taking the week leading up to the date off from rehab.

I am scared, very scared. Yesterday in the education group, we discussed the parts of the brain. For me, that was a reminder of the vital functions the brain stem performs.

On the plus side, I get a haircut…more like THE haircut, as there won’t be any hair left. I would say it’s free, but it’s anything but.

The evil Internet informs me of the immense pain after surgery, the deficits afterward and the grammar problems I will have when it’s over ( or so it appears, people on the Internet have lousy grammar…they say it’s only the Internet, but where else do people publish writing for such a wide audience?).

The idea of having this surgery inspires a great sense of loneliness. I know many of you would do whatever you could to see to my recovery, but I have to face this obstacle alone. When I go under I will be in the hands of the surgeons (I hope they sleep well and have a nice breakfast!). This should not suggest I don’t appreciate all the help I have received. I owe it to many of you for making it as far as I have.

Thank you.


  1. Jarrett,We understand how you are feeling and just want you to know that prayers will be sent to you, the family and everyone involved during this surgery and recovery. You are a very strong man and you have made unbelievable progress and you will do great. Good Luck on surgery and we will be staying in touch with your family on your progress.

  2. Hey Jarrett,Just wanted you to know that we are all thinking of you. I want you to truly believe in yourself. You are a remarkable person. I have lived for along time with hearing doctors telling me things my children would not do or could not do. Did that stop me from achieving goals? Guess again!!!!!!! Believe in yourself and only think of I can and I will. You are a very strong and young individual and you have all your family and friends for an awesome support. Use us!!!!! My nephew in Clay Center is having back surgery the same day as you. They are removing a disk and have to readjust his spine. It is not going to be an easy surgery either. I will be spending all day with both of you in my heart, and we will be celebrating our 26th anniversary. Can you believe I have put up with that man this long!!!!!!!Love ya and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers,John, Linda, Josh, Jake, and Bekah Stack

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