I Type Slowly…

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Untitled…so I will switch to my tablet. I’m back, you might notice that you’re reading faster because I’m writing faster.

Listen, I’m in a training for blogging. Step 1: Create a WordPress blog (I’ve gotta give props to the instructors; WordPress is teh best blogging site, loads better than Blogger/Blogspot, which is teh suxxorz). I didn’t create a new blog because I already have one.

Step 2: Post something. The collections of words you’re reading (we’ll call them “sentences”, and a group of sentences will be called a “paragraph”).

In essence, this post is about this post. As such, this post is like a looping vortex. When I wrote something in this blog, I will describe it to you in the blog.

I just realized that this post is a “looping vortex”. Since it’s about itself, I will report the events of the post as they happen.

Because this post is a vortex of looping information, the content of this post will be the content of this post.


I’m going to pay attention now…



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