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I wrote a new intro – I thought it turned out pretty awesome (if I do say so myself, which I do), so I’m making it an official entry to make it easier to share, I ripped off “Eldorado” by Edgar Allan Poe –


   Before 2009,

I was fine,

Then,oh the pain,

It felt as though,

I’d taken a mighty blow,

Directly to the brain.

Got in the car,

Drove to the ER —

With the doctor, I explain

The symptoms that led me here,

And my growing fear,

That something was wrong with my brain.

The Dr announced his plan

For a CT scan,

In order to attain,

Information from my head,

Then I was led

To a machine to take pictures of my brain.


Turns out, a flood

Of my own blood,

Had loosed upon, and slain,

Neurons nestled so snug,

Snug as a bug,

In the stem of my brain


Since that day,

I have to say,

Several difficulties remain.

I would fill you in,

But then again,

Just read through this blog about my brain.


Is this the only topic?

A literary biopic,

Of how I maintain,

My composure despite

This neurological spite?

My interests do stretch beyond the brain.


I write on topics mild,

Like my only child,

Quinn is that beautiful girl’s name,

And read on friend,

Until the end,

You’ll find so much more than the brain.


You will see,

I ❤ technology,

And compose the occasional refrain

About this and that,

Like, how I can’t stand “Where’s [noun] at?”

But it all started with my brain.






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