Crazy Jarrett’s Video Conversion!

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I put out an ad in the paper offering to convert home videos to DVD. Here’s the ad:

Convert your home video tapes (VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV) to DVD. Contact Jarrett at # withheld. $12 per tape.

How lame is that? I was limited to 160 characters, so I had to stick to the basics. If I had the space, I would’ve said this –

Crazy Jarrett’s home video conversion service is officially open! I can convert your old VHS, VHS-C and Mini-DV to DVD.

Just think, that old video tape of Uncle Fred burping the alphabet will have new life in digital quality! Normally, this service costs $14,000 per tape, but take advantage of this introductory offer, and the price goes down to $12 per tape – that’s a savings of over 1166%!

Not convinced? Check out these testimonials:

“He converted some old video tapes, whoopty shit.”

– Marie, 30 – Queens, NY

“I thought he was selling celebrity sex tapes. Grrr.”

– Preston, 29 – Madison, WI

“What’s a video tape?”

Britney, 13 – Edmond, OK

“What’s a DVD?”

Jeb, 68 – Nashville, TN

“Will you convert all my old naughty movies?”

Ryan, 35 – Salina, KS

What are you waiting for folks? As an added bonus, have three videos converted and get a FREE oven mitt! Sign up today!

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