Free Association Rhymification

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I’m going to try something new here at Brain Injourney Industries.

I have writer’s block of a sort. I have several topics swimming around in my head and have even started writing on a few, but they don’t feel right.

So you see, my problem is that I’ve too many things to write about rather than too few.

I’ll start writing on one topic and think, this topic is boring, this other topic is WAY more interestinger, I think I’ll write on it instead. I’ll write on this other topic for a bit and think, this other topic is boring, this other other topic is WAY more interestinger, I think I’ll write on it instead.

I eventually make it back to the first topic and think this is a good topic, I’ll keep working at it.

Then the process starts all over again.

I conjure the best way to deal with this quagmire is to let my thoughts spill out like so much upchuck from a

college freshman’s stomach.

This upchuck will not spew forth in the erratic order you’d expect from vomit; i.e. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, then the bean burrito followed by the nuts from a Snickers, all swimming in a broth of Keystone Light and vodka. No, no. This ralph is going to rhyme.

Mmkay, What is to be the subject?

My Uncle Sam is an architect.

The subject will be whatever is both interesting and easy to rhyme with:

Such as, the Jedi fight the Sith.

Do the Sith use the force?

No, their power comes from a horse.

I’m hungry right now,

So hungry I could eat a cow.

Thing is, I wouldn’t call it “cow”, I’d call it beef;

There’s a character on Street Fighter 2 named Zangief.

That was a game that I loved to play,

I used to play it at my grandma’s house with my cousin TJ.

He usually beat me,

Excuse me, I need to go pee.

Ok I’m back, sorry for the delay,

I’m sure you want to get on with your day.

Not wait for me to go potty,

Loddy doddy, I likes to pawdy.

‘Potty’ and ‘Pawdy’ are almost the same word, cheater.

Watch out for flooding caused by a faulty hot water heater;

A pipe burst on my old one, spilling water everywhere

There was quite a bit here and even some over there.

How much longer will this be?

Not sure, I don’t wanna stop before I give thanks to my sister, Chelsey.

A couple of weirdos!
A couple of weirdos!

I spoke to her the other day and told her I was in a slump,

She knew just what to say to give my spirit a jump

I think that it is now time

To end this rhyme.

I do hope you had a laugh or two,

If you didn’t, go find something better to do

Such as, take a poo.



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