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Here are some words of wisdom that have gotten me through this tough time. This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, I know I have heard more quotes that were inspirational; and when I remember those I will post them. Until then, chew on these, and if you’re not hungry choke them down anyway, like someone on the nutrisystem diet.

“Siddhartha spoke with ecstasy; deeply, this enlightenment had delighted
him. Oh, was not all suffering time, were not all forms of tormenting
oneself and being afraid time, was not everything hard, everything
hostile in the world gone and overcome as soon as one had overcome time,
as soon as time would have been put out of existence by one’s thoughts?”
– Herman Hesse
*This passage gave me comfort with the idea that all I had to do was just wait and things would get better, which has proven true so far. Of course, I still have to work at it, but the only thing that separates me from a full recovery is time.

Festina Lente (make haste slowly)
– Augustus
* my younger sister told me this one at the very beginning which helped me realize that it would take a while to get better, but to always give my best effort at recovery.

The Lord of the Rings
– J. R. R. Tolkien
*Frodo must bear a burden that was unfairly put upon him, much the same is the situation with me. In both the films and the books, Frodo mentions that he wishes the ring had never come to him, and Gandalf replies that everyone in his shoes feels that way, but he can’t do anything to change it so he has to decide how best to deal with the cards he was dealt. This last part is especially meaningful for me, because I spend so much thought on how things used to be, but I always try to just deal with things the way they are, because one thing is for sure, I will not be back to my old self any time soon.

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