getting back to work and other changes

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A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I’ve been very busy. I started back to work on January 4 on the Monday. that day was a staff development day, the next day the kids came back. So far, it has gone very well. I had plenty of time to make a very good plan to manage my classroom. I also have a classroom assistant that helps with a lot of the legwork and the discipline.

As far as deficits I still deal with — I still get pretty tired when talking, and I don’t move very well around the room. But other than that it is very nice to be back in the old routine. I will say it’s a bit frustrating not being able to do things as fast as I used to, but it is nice to be back doing them.

I am dictating this right now, because typing takes way too long. I found a nifty bit of software that allows you to speak and it types for you. I tried the Vista voice-recognition software, and it’s not great.

I’ve been to a few different doctors since I’ve posted last. The neuro ophthalmologist has cleared me to take the driving evaluation and I no longer have any double vision. I had an MRI back in December, and the neurosurgeon reports that all the blood has cleared up from the surgery. I saw another neurosurgeon about the tremors in my left side and found out that I have many options before surgery to put a Baclofen pump in. Such as, Botox injections, and more medications.

That’s it for now, I will check back with everyone later. Thank you for your continued support!

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