Getting Back to Normal

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Bless me Interweb, for I have sinned. It has been over three weeks since my last blog.

Since my last post, I continue to progress. This last weekend, I watched Q solo while Jess rested (she wasn’t feeling well). This is significant for two raisins –
1. Jess wasn’t there to change diapers, etc.
2. Q actually let me watch after her without hitting me and shouting “NO DADA”.

The issues on my left side are still there, though I am using my left hand more and moreeeeeeeeeee; such as to hold down buttons on the keyboard.

My voice seems to be coming back, but it’s still pretty weak.

I had my second visit in two weeks with a neuro-ophthamologist today. I finally got a new prescription, Eyemart is cooking those up right now (unless you read this more than 30 minutes after I type this, then they cooked them up at the current time/date minus Tuesday 11/10 at 6:30pm).

Yesterday, at Pate, my therapist and I discussed the conditions under which I would go back to work – they pay me, while I complain of a headache and stay home…as nice as that would be, it’s a lie. The real discussion concerned me going back for teaching only, no athletics, working 3-5 hours a day, and if possible, working as an assistant to another teacher and gradually changing roles. Hopefully, I will be ready for the full schedule and independence by tennis season in late Feb.

That’s the skinny for now!

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