Life After Surgery

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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while; my left side kinda crapped out after surgery, so typing has been a bit of a pain. I’ll get right to it –

The procedure went well, the surgeons are confident they got the whole malformation out, though we won’t find out for sure until December. Several of the deficits I had before surgery have returned with renewed vigor21- Quinn says hi, she rolled a train over the keyboard.

Aside from the left weakness and neglect (I tend to run into stuff on my left, so make sure you pass me on the right or I’ll run into you), my eyesight has gone from double to blurry (with or without glasses), My balance and coordination took a hit, but it’s about back to where it was, and my voice sounds more strained and tired sounding.

Plenty more to say, but typing is getting frustrating. Talk to you later!


  1. Every time we see you, you are more steady and your speech is better. Now, if you could just get your wonky left arm to working….I also think once you get your glasses corrected, it will help a lot! Never give up! Never give up! Love ya! MOM

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