Teh Pump!

I went to the pump doctor on Tuesday to have my pump refilled and increased. I’ve had this pump for nearly a year and still haven’t found the right dose (right dose = decreases hypertonicity to a manageable level, but doesn’t turn me into a limp noodle). I suggested we fill the pump with heroin,… Continue Reading →

Doctor Pillow…Talk

The universe has spoken to me once again (for previous occurrences describing words descending upon me from the totality of existence, read HERE and HERE). I’ve experienced a singularity of my present and the experiences HERE chronicled. You see, I got a comment on the above linked post from a woman whose husband has sustained… Continue Reading →

EUREKA! And some OT

Turns out, the pump was not to blame for my recent neuro woes (neurwoes?) I’m not totally convinced that the pump isn’t somehow involved, but it appears that I had a small bleed at my resection site in the Pons region of the brainstem. some of the symptoms (the excruciating pain in my ass muscles,… Continue Reading →

Trunk Rotations can be Hazardous

…ln other news,  Jarrett Wilson managed to snap,  krinkle and/or pop the catheter of his baclofen pump at an intense workout on Monday.  He began to experience increased spasticity that night and ever more as the week went on. The initial suspicion was nuvigil withdrawal but after going bac…lofen  through the symptoms,  baclofen withdrawal seemed… Continue Reading →

Medical Vernacular Spectacular!

Part of having a condition like mine is learning a lot of big words. I like big words and I like to write silly poems – seems reasonable to assume that I would double like a poem about big words. I haven’t written the poem yet, but I’m sure I’ll like like it. To that… Continue Reading →

A Look Back, pt. 1

Welcome to a very special blog entry! According to the calendar, it’s been 1,363 days since I started this blog. Doing the math, 1+3+6+3=13. The thirteenth letter in the alphabet is M. M is the Roman numeral for 1,000; 1+0+0+0=1. One is the number associated with the first occurrence of something. Obviously, the universe wants… Continue Reading →

So Many Magical Things!

At the end of my last blog I advised you to take baclofen “Intrathecally”; I’m not even sure if that is a word. Intrathecal is a word, it comes from the Mandarin word entrail (that is where we get that word, another word for “guts”), and the Greek word Calli (“Dog.” This is where we… Continue Reading →

No more Pate

Today, I finished my last day of rehab at Pate. This finishes up a long journey for me, which began back in June, 2009. It feels strange to be “cut loose”, if I may use that saying. To recap — at my worst I was unable to walk, talk, sit up straight, or do things… Continue Reading →

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