Terd 10/21 – “Complimaint”

Complimaint (Complaint+Compliment):

1 Praise with undertones of discontent

2 Critical comment that’s unintentionally encouraging

Complimaint eg 1

Gal: Not a fan of your lyrics, but you have a beautiful voice

Singer: Thanks. What a nice complimaint

Complimaint eg 2

Waiter: The old lady at table 9 complained that there are too many big breasted girls working here

Manager: hmmm…more of a complimaint. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Terd 10/9 – Incommode

Incommode (Income+ Commode): Place where were poorly spent money ends up (to throw money down the toilet).

Incommode eg

BF: Why’s my bank account only have $11?

GF: I invested your paycheck into some vintage beanie babies

BF: In the incommode, gotcha

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Terd 10/04 – “8-bitch/ing”

8-bitch/ing (8-bit+bitch/ing): 1. A very unpleasant woman with blotchy makeup 2. A simple, 2 dimensional complaint

8-bitch eg

Gal: That hag with makeup like bozo the clown stole my parking space as I was pulling in

Chick: What an 8-bitch!

8-bitching eg

Dude: I hate republicans – they’re all too old and they have big noses

Guy: Dude! Quit your 8-bitching!

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