Marginalization of Honesty

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If you haven’t heard yet, Donald f*in Trump is the next president of the United States. I’m sure many would agree that this is some bullsh*t, but I’m going to stop there. I think I’ve a more poignant point (pointnant?) that rings oh so loudly.

You see, I’m a teacher. As such, I’m on the forefront of the future. This is not me bragging or patting myself on the back, I’m simply stating that children are said to be our future and teachers work with children, ergo I get to see what may be a norm in the generations to come.

I gleaned what may well be a new cultural standard in the coming years from a recent conversation with a talkative, precocious first grader with long, scraggly blond hair. I was in the library at a local elementary school when this insightful ragamuffin voiced his gaiety that Donald Trump will be our next president.

Of course, in my head I’m thinking kid, we need Donald Trump as president about as much as we need an enema (entertaining when it happens to someone else); but I held my tongue, and I’m glad I did because his next comment both frightened and amused me.

As if trying to sell me on Trump as president, he very casually said,

“He only lies a some of the time, not as much as he used to.” I guffawed. He reacted as if it were a statement of fact, not meant to inspire comedy.

It occurred to me then that honesty has been compromised. It’s no longer about lying or not lying. It’s about who lies the least and/or who’s best at covering it up. Shouldn’t the expectation be total transparency from our elected officials? Will this become a party slogan in the years to come? “Vote for Justin Bieber (I can conceive of this happening now), he tells 40% fewer lies than his opponent.” Or maybe, “research indicates that one out of every four statements made by Trump in the 2016 election was found to be a lie. Justin Bieber vows to lie only once for every five statements*. That’s a 20% reduction in zingers coming from your commander in chief. So a vote for Justin is a vote for more honesty (not too much though).”snap-2016-11-11-at-22-43-08

Anyway, I’m getting off track here, the point is the ethical landscape of our culture is overgrown with lies and deceit without a standard of decency to maintain it. The boy can’t be faulted for his opinions, he’s only 7 or so; but do his words ominously predict a future of “honest enough”? Or am I overanalyzing something a child said?

*This statement may or may not be true.




  1. If Donald does a fair percentage of what he has promised he will win 2020 by a huge landslide. Get used to be depressed. Your going to have to deal with it for at least 8 years more than likely.

    “I’m a teacher.”

    With any luck Trump may push for Charter Schools and other alternatives to public education which are the intellectual swamp of our time.

    1. “With any luck Trump may push for Charter Schools and other alternatives to public education which are the intellectual swamp of our time.”
      How am I supposed to take this? Your first comment was obviously designed to get me riled up, but I won’t take the bait. The second comment is trickier though. Are you implying that, because I’m a teacher, I’m contributing to this “intellectual swamp of our time”? A bog that clearly muddled your ability to distinguish between ‘your’ andn’you’re’. Or are you trying to give me the “good” news that Trump will essentially privatize education. Causing a deeper rift between rich and poor as the wealthy pay for their children to go to a decent school, while the indigent, who struggle to pay for their daily bread in some cases, will be forced to send their kids to a welfare school Trump set up to silence the annoying liberals.
      If it’s the former, I’m all ears for your ideas to fix it. Or you’re (you are) one of those people that likes to point out how things are broken and not find a solution? If it’s the latter, I think I made my point.

  2. Quoting:

    “To achieve it would be a monumental job [reforming American education], which would take many decades. As part of the job, I want to recommend one specific step to improve our schools: close down the teachers colleges.

    The Voice of Reason: Essays in Objectivist Thought
    Dr. Leonard Peikoff

    He was the one who likened schools of education to an “intellectual swamp” compared to others schools in our universities, e.g, engineering, match, etc. My guess is that education is largely responsible for creating the reality which the following quote I have seen on t-shirts:

    “In 1944, 18-20 Year Olds stormed the beaches of Normandy. In 2015, they need “Safe Spaces” to be protected from offensive words.”

    Somebody is certainly responsible for creating the current generation of useless young idiots protesting the election in the streets.

      1. A simple review will fix that right up. Not something I do as often as I should. But if you’re referring your vs. you’re – that’s not a misspelling issue, that’s usage – hard to misspell “your” and “you’re”, easy (apparently) to use them incorrectly.

    1. I’m not disagreeing with the assertion that the public education system is fundamentally flawed – i don’t think anybody would. Instead of pointing out all the things wrong with it, how about some ideas to improve it?
      I recently helped a teacher who had flexible seating in her classroom – instead of desks, there were bean bags and love seats…comfy chairs. Her students were great! That’s a solution. Instead of trying to bend the kids to fit the system, bend the system to fit the kids.
      Also, I don’t think the maker or some high authority said “let’s make young people lazy, brash and entitled. They’ve turned out that way because, as Marx said, “Men make their own history, but not of their own free will; not under circumstances they themselves have chosen but under the given and inherited circumstances with which they are directly confronted.” There are a lot of factors that have led to the issues with public education beside the education system itself.

      1. “I’m not disagreeing with the assertion that the public education system is fundamentally flawed…”

        It is fundamentally flawed. Public education becomes public indoctrination. We need a free market in education where better and more rational values can win. Ideas need to compete in a market where people are free to choose what makes the most sense to them.

  3. Mr. Wilson. I’m not the “brightest” person after having that portion of my brain removed. Who was it that you were referencing within your entry that you voted for? Were you typing about “her” who has spoken the words to reference the disabilty checks that I receive and promised that nothing will change. OR were you refencing who has made from the guy who won about comments referencing the “correcting the people who should actually be collecting this money by testing them”? I have read the direction of this task and it has been said by this person that HE will stop the money for a month to test everyone. The next month, you will get the previous month and that month. Personally, I cannot do this. I live from DAY ONE when I get my deposit, to the LAST DAY when I am out.

    We’ll just have to wait and see what actually happens. He “changes his mind” everyday….

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