Preparing for work

So the kids don’t walk all over me when I go back, I’m in the process of putting together a class management plan (my first thought of making an example of one kid per class with a baseball bat Al Capone style might not sit well with parents). Apparently, asking them to go easy on me would be asking too much of an eighth grader 😀 I’d give you some details, but then it won’t be secret :/

On the therapy front, I continue to make strides in all my trouble areas. The biggest concern is my voice. It gets stronger by the week, but the question is if it will be strong enough come January? Typing is coming a bit easier, but still slow as christmas. The mac and cheese at Panera is frickin tasty!

Yesterday, I got seven in a row on VMR level 4, the program I must pass to get a referral to a driving eval. I’m on the last level; you have to get 10 trials in a row with no errors, an average time of 0.6 and no instances over 1 second. All this means I will be driving again soon, so if you’re going to be around north Texas WATCH OUT!

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